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Evergreen Careers are temporary and permanent solutions specialists. 

With 20 years experience, we have the capability, knowledge and network to successfully recruit for:


We provide insightful guidance for support roles within professional services with the capacity to recruit for specialist positions.

Working with companies to carefully select skilled individuals across management, sales and support who possess the emotional intelligence to communicate with the community when it comes to their insurance.

We understand the importance of the effective movement of supply chain to ensure deadlines are met and deliverables are achieved. We align skill based candidates across management, sales and support to achieve these efficiencies.

 Positions in facilities encompass a true balance of both IQ and emotional intelligence when servicing both internal and external stakeholders. We facilitate the connection of individuals who are solution focused across management and support with businesses who prioritise these skills.

We align the environmental values of the company with the technical capability of the candidate across management, sales and support.

We work to join professional expertise with heart based compassion seeing NFP’s achieving financial success and accelerating their mission to realising their community initiatives.



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